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Professional Pest Control

Bernie’s Pest Control has over 40 years of experience in removing unwanted pests from homes in the Gold Coast, Coomera, Kingscliff and Mudgeeraba. Cockroaches and termites around the home aren’t just annoying, they can also be dangerous. They can cause safety issues and health problems to you and your family by carrying harmful germs and diseases.

We offer a wide range of pest inspections and treatment servicing the Gold Coast from Kingscliff. We use the latest products and technology to ensure the results are achieved in a safe, efficient and long-lasting manner.

Pest control quality you can trust

All our work is done to Australian standards and is fully guaranteed. When you need safe extermination, we can protect you and your property from harmful vermin without using harsh chemicals.

Dealing with an infestation isn’t as simple as laying some traps and spraying a couple nests. Expert pest extermination involves specific plans dependent on the size of your property, the extent of your infestation and selecting certain methods to prevent them coming back. We tailor our plans to your needs and ensure that we do a thorough job – because when it comes to pests, you’ve got to make sure you get them all.

We can also offer preventive control for new buildings and construction sites to ensure you stop an infestation in its tracks before it even begins.

Types of critters we exterminate

  • Silverfish
  • Cockroaches
  • Spiders
  • Ants / Fleas
  • Mice / Rats

Call the professionals

For the peace of mind and expertise you can trust, contact us today and we will respond immediately. For a free quote or any additional information on our pest control services in Coomera, Gold Coast, Kingscliff and Mudgeeraba, call up on 1800 118 488  or leave an email. We also offer termite inspection and control services, so to find out more please click on the links provided.