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At Bernie’s, we offer comprehensive termite defense, from educational insights and thorough inspections to effective treatments and preventive barriers. Trust Bernie’s for complete termite protection and peace of mind.

Protect Your Home with Bernie’s Expert Termite Services

At Bernie’s, we understand the threat termites pose to your most valuable asset—your home. Our comprehensive termite services are designed to detect, eliminate, and prevent termite infestations, ensuring your property remains safe and secure. With years of expertise and a commitment to excellence, Bernie’s offers reliable solutions tailored to the unique needs of your property.

Why wait for a termite problem to arise? Take proactive steps today with Bernie’s and enjoy peace of mind knowing your home is protected by the best in the business. Our expert team uses the latest technology and eco-friendly methods to provide effective, long-lasting termite defence. From initial inspection to customised treatment plans and preventive barriers, Bernie’s is your trusted partner in termite management.

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Termite Damage is NOT covered by insurance!

Southeast Queensland is facing a silent invasion, with termites affecting one in every three homes. These relentless pests rack up more than $3.9 billion in damages annually to residences and commercial properties—a staggering cost that typically falls outside the safety net of insurance coverage. Without protection, property owners may be blindsided by hefty repair expenses.

QLD in High Risk Zone of Termite Colonies

Termites pose a significant risk in Queensland, especially in coastal areas like the Gold Coast and Brisbane. The combination of Queensland’s warm, humid climate and abundant wooden structures creates an ideal environment for termites to thrive. These conditions, coupled with the area’s natural vegetation, provide termites with the necessary moisture and food sources to sustain large colonies.



The subtropical climate of Queensland, particularly in coastal areas, offers perfect breeding conditions for termites.

Wooden Structures

Many homes and buildings in the Gold Coast and Brisbane regions utilise wood in their construction, providing ample food for termite colonies.

High Humidity

The high moisture levels in coastal regions make it easier for termites to survive and multiply outside their nests.

Know the Signs!

In the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas, the warm climate and high humidity create an ideal breeding ground for termites, making termite infestations not just a possibility but a probable threat to properties. These silent destroyers can cause extensive damage by consuming wood and other cellulose-based materials around the clock. Without prompt and effective management, termite activity can compromise the structural integrity of homes, leading to costly repairs. Common signs of their presence include visible mud tubes on exterior walls, hollow-sounding wood, and discarded termite wings near entry points. Given the high risk of termite infestation in the Gold Coast and Brisbane, early detection, alongside professional termite protection, is crucial to safeguard your property. Understanding the signs and risks associated with termites is the first step in preventing significant damage and ensuring the longevity and safety of your home.

Get Educated

Helpful Resources

There is a lot of useful information on termite risks and management in Queensland that you might find resources like government websites on pest control or local pest management companies helpful. They can provide region-specific advice and services to help protect your property from termites.

The QBCC outlines the minimum requirements set by the Building Code of Australia for termite treatment in homes and offers guidance on achieving a higher level of termite management.

Queensland Government offers information about dry wood termites and subterranean termites, how they infest buildings, and some baiting systems used for managing termites.

We have a full range of Termite Services

Discover what we do to help protect your home from Termites.


Termite Inspections

Detect early & get peace of mind knowing your homes safe. At Bernies we utilise advanced technology to uncover hidden termite activity, safeguarding your property from potential damage.


Termite Treatment

Tailored solutions for total elimination. Our Termite Treatments are designed to effectively address and eradicate any level of infestation, ensuring your home stays termite-free.


Termite Barriers

Prevent future invasions with Bernie’s Termite Barriers. We install proven barrier systems that offer long-lasting protection, keeping termites at bay and securing your peace of mind.

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