Termite Inspections

At Bernie’s, we emphasize the critical role that termite inspections play in safeguarding your home. With our detailed inspection process, we offer you a proactive approach to termite management, ensuring that any potential threats are identified and addressed promptly. Trust in our expertise to provide you with peace of mind through thorough inspections.

The importance of Regular Termite Inspections

Given the substantial financial and structural risks termites pose, property owners in Queensland, particularly in the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas, are strongly advised to undertake regular termite inspections. These inspections, conducted by experienced pest control professionals, are crucial in managing termite threats effectively. Ignoring the risk of termites can lead to extensive damage, potentially compromising the structural integrity of buildings and incurring significant repair costs.

For more detailed information on termite risks and management in Queensland, you might find resources like the QLD Government website, or the QBCC where helpful information is available. They can provide region-specific advice and services to help protect your property from termites.

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Why you should book regular inspections?

Early Detection:

Regular termite inspections can catch signs of an infestation early, before significant damage occurs, saving homeowners thousands of dollars in repairs.

Preventative Measures:

Inspections can also identify potential risk factors around your property, allowing you to take preventative measures to reduce the chance of an infestation.

Peace of Mind:

Knowing your property is free from termite damage or at risk areas are being managed provides peace of mind and protects the value of your property.

Expert Advice:

Professionals can offer tailored advice on how to protect your home based on the specific conditions of your property and the local environment.

kitchen cabinetry eaten by termites underneath cover

Live Termite Colony at a recent inspection

During a routine inspection at a Gold Coast residence, our team uncovered a significant live termite infestation within an old tree stump in the garden. This discovery not only highlights the hidden nature of termite threats but also emphasizes the importance of removing rotting timber and other potential termite havens from your property. Such measures are crucial in maintaining a termite-free home, particularly in areas prone to high termite activity. This incident serves as a vital reminder of the need for professional inspections to identify and mitigate unseen termite risks effectively.

Things to look for!

Hollow Sounds: Tap wood for unusual hollow noises.
Stiff Windows/Doors: Check for warping frames.
Frass: Look for termite droppings resembling sawdust.
Mud Tubes: Identify pencil-width dirt tunnels on walls.
Wood Damage: Inspect for blistering or damaged wood.
Garden Damage: Check fences and decking for deterioration.
Stumps/Trees: Examine dead wood for termite presence.
Foundation Inspection: Search foundation for mud tubes.
Moisture Sources: Identify and resolve any moisture issues.
termite droppings, termite fecal, termite frass what it looks like


Termite Droppings
termite mud tubes evidence of colony

Mud Tube

Termite Tracks
Termite presence in tree in garden

Tree or Stump Evidence

Evidence of Termite Colony
Termite infestation in home timber.

Timber Evidence

Termite infestation

We have a full range of Termite Services

Discover what we do to help protect your home from Termites.


Termite Inspections

Detect early & get peace of mind knowing your homes safe. At Bernies we utilise advanced technology to uncover hidden termite activity, safeguarding your property from potential damage.


Termite Treatment

Tailored solutions for total elimination. Our Termite Treatments are designed to effectively address and eradicate any level of infestation, ensuring your home stays termite-free.


Termite Barriers

Prevent future invasions with Bernie’s Termite Barriers. We install proven barrier systems that offer long-lasting protection, keeping termites at bay and securing your peace of mind.

Another Live Termite Colony at recent inspection

During another recent routine inspection, our team discovered a live termite colony in a client’s timber fence. Swift and decisive action was taken to address this concerning finding. Our certified technicians immediately implemented a targeted treatment plan to eradicate the termite colony and prevent any further damage to the property.

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