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Why Bird Control is Essential

The Impact of Birds on Urban Environments

Exploration of how birds, while a natural part of our ecosystem, can become nuisances in urban settings, leading to health risks and property damage.

Bird Species Commonly Found in Urban Areas

On the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas, certain bird species such as Pigeons, White Ibis , Seagulls, Cockatoos, Starlings, Crows, and Magpies have adapted remarkably well to city life. Their presence, while a testament to the area’s rich biodiversity, can sometimes be annoying and harmful to homes, businesses and people.

Legal & Ethical Consideration in Bird Control

In addressing bird control, Bernie’s Pest Control is deeply committed to operating within the framework of legal and ethical considerations. Our approach balances the need for effective bird management with respect for wildlife and adherence to regulatory standards.

Our approach is designed to effectively manage bird populations in a way that respects their natural behaviours and habitats, ensuring long-term solutions that are both ethical and effective. Bernie’s Pest Control’s dedication to humane practices not only aligns with legal standards but also with our values of compassion and respect for all living beings, ensuring a harmonious coexistence between human and bird communities.

Wildlife Protection Laws

Bernie’s Pest Control strictly complies with local and national wildlife protection laws, ensuring our bird control measures meet all legal requirements. In Australia, this includes adherence to the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act), which governs the protection of native species and their habitats. Our team is knowledgeable about the specific protections afforded to different bird species, including those that are considered pests in urban environments. Before implementing any control measures, we conduct a thorough assessment to ensure our actions are compliant with:

  • State legislation, such as the Nature Conservation Act 1992 in Queensland, which outlines the management of wildlife in urban and natural environments.
  • Local council regulations, which may have additional guidelines on bird control methods within specific municipal areas.
Humane Bird Control Practices

At the core of Bernie’s Pest Control’s operations is a commitment to humane bird control methods. Our ethos is to resolve bird-related issues with the utmost consideration for the animals’ welfare, employing strategies that deter rather than harm. Our humane practices include:

  • Physical Barriers and Deterrents: Installation of bird spikes, nets, and other barriers that prevent birds from roosting and nesting in areas without causing them injury.
  • Behavioural Deterrents: Use of visual and auditory devices that mimic predator presence or create uncomfortable environments for birds, encouraging them to relocate without physical harm.
  • Habitat Modification: Altering the environment to make it less attractive to birds, thereby naturally reducing their presence without the use of lethal measures.

Preventative Tips for Effective Pest Management

To prevent birds from becoming a persistent problem on your property, consider implementing the following strategies:

Physical Barriers Installation

Nets, and wire mesh can be installed by Bernies, in common roosting areas to physically prevent birds from landing or nesting.

Reduce Food Sources

Keep outdoor dining areas clean and secure garbage bins to avoid attracting birds with food leftovers.

Water Access

Eliminate standing water where birds can drink or bathe by maintaining gutters and covering water bodies like pools when not in use.

Secure Potential Nesting Sites

Close off or seal openings in rooftops, eaves, and vents to prevent birds from building nests.

Trim Vegetation

Regularly trim trees and shrubs to reduce nesting and perching sites for birds.

Use Reflective Objects

Birds are deterred by light reflections. Hang reflective tapes, discs, or old CDs around your property to keep them at bay.

When to Call Us!

By recognising the below signs and acting promptly, you can protect your property from damage and ensure a healthy, safe environment for everyone. Bernie’s Pest Control is here to offer expert advice and effective, humane solutions for all your bird control needs.


Persistent Presence or Increasing Numbers of Birds

If you notice an ongoing or increasing presence of birds on your property, especially in areas like rooftops, ledges, or balconies, it’s a clear sign that professional intervention is needed. Persistent bird activity often indicates nesting or roosting sites that can lead to property damage and health risks.


Property Damage or Health Concerns

Call us when you see evidence of property damage caused by birds, such as droppings that can corrode building materials or block drainage systems. Additionally, if there are concerns about health risks associated with bird droppings or nesting materials—such as respiratory problems or disease transmission—it’s crucial to seek professional bird control services.


Ineffective DIY Measures

If you’ve attempted to deter birds using DIY methods without success, it’s time to call in the experts. Professional bird control companies have access to a wider range of effective, humane deterrents and strategies tailored to your specific situation. Our team can provide a long-term solution that ensures birds are kept away from your property safely and effectively.

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