At Bernies, we specialise in comprehensive termite treatments, including detailed inspections, chemical barriers, environmentally friendly baiting systems, and preventative measures for both new and existing structures. Our dedicated team ensures your property is protected with effective, efficient, and eco-conscious solutions, backed by ongoing monitoring and maintenance. Trust Bernies for your termite control needs.

Our Experts Advice Specific To You!

Every environment is unique, and so are its termite treatment needs. Schedule a consultation with a Bernies technician to assess your home or business environment thoroughly. We’ll provide you with a specialised plan tailored specifically to your situation, determining the most suitable termite treatment approach for you.

Steps to determining what treatment is best for you!


Thorough Inspection

We begin with a comprehensive inspection of your property using the latest technology. This allows us to identify any current termite activity and assess potential risk areas. Our experienced technicians meticulously check both the interior and exterior of your property, including hard-to-reach spaces where termites are likely to hide.


Customised Treatment Plan

Based on the findings of our inspection, we develop a customized treatment plan tailored to your property’s specific needs. This plan is designed to not only address any current termite activity but also to prevent future infestations.


Either Chemical Barrier

For properties at risk of termite invasion, we apply advanced chemical barriers in the soil around and under the foundation. These barriers are designed to deter termites from entering the property and to eliminate those that come into contact with the chemical.


Or Baiting Systems

Our eco-friendly termite baiting systems are strategically installed around your property to attract and eliminate termite colonies. This method is effective for reducing the termite population in a way that is safe for the environment and non-intrusive to your property.


Preventative Treatments

Preventative termite treatments for both new constructions and existing structures are crucial. Applying these treatments during the construction phase or retrofitting them to existing properties can provide long-term protection against termites.


Monitoring & Maintenance

After the initial treatment, our service doesn’t stop. We provide ongoing monitoring and maintenance services to ensure the continued effectiveness of our treatments. Regular check-ups allow us to identify and address any new termite activity promptly.



Our team of specialised technicians are highly trained in termite biology and treatment methods. We use only the best products and techniques in the industry, giving you peace of mind that your property is in good hands.

Termite chemicals used to treat termite infestion and prevent termite infestation


Our specially formulated chemical treatment we use to protect your home
termite bait station around the perimeter of the home


At Bernie’s we use efficient baiting systems to target and eliminate termites

We have a full range of Termite Services

Discover what we do to help protect your home from Termites.


Termite Inspections

Detect early & get peace of mind knowing your homes safe. At Bernies we utilise advanced technology to uncover hidden termite activity, safeguarding your property from potential damage.


Termite Treatments

Tailored solutions for total elimination. Our Termite Treatments are designed to effectively address and eradicate any level of infestation, ensuring your home stays termite-free.


Termite Barriers

Prevent future invasions with Bernie’s Termite Barriers. We install proven barrier systems that offer long-lasting protection, keeping termites at bay and securing your peace of mind.

Ready for Pest-Free Living?

Contact Bernie’s today to schedule a consultation and experience a pest-free environment.

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