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Welcome to Bernie’s Pest Control, your premier destination for safeguarding solar panels against bird-related damages. Our Solar Panel Bird Control Guard Netting services are designed to ensure your solar investment is protected, maintaining efficiency and longevity.

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The Risks to Your Solar Panels

Birds nesting under solar panels can lead to various problems, including physical damage to the panels, wiring, and accumulation of droppings that impair solar efficiency. Understanding these risks is the first step in protecting your investment.

Benefits of Solar Panel Bird Proofing

Protecting your solar panels with guard netting not only prevents potential damage but also ensures your solar system operates at peak efficiency. Our solutions are designed to be durable, effective, and maintenance-free, offering peace of mind and significant cost savings in the long run.

solar guard installation netting for bird pest control

We are a family business covering Gold Coast, Logan & Brisbane areas for all types of solar panel proofing.

Our specialist solar panel bird proofing kits are designed to stop pigeons, debris, rodents and other pests from accessing underneath the solar panel systems where they love to nest.

Our solar proofing kits are installed without any need for drilling, screwing, which would void any remaining warranty. 
You can easily remove a solar panel while our solar proofing remains in place (Attached to your Solar Panel) which makes maintenance easy.
All kits are securely fitted to the solar panel frames with UV stabilised clips.
8-year warranty with our solar proofing installations.
We provide a no obligation, free written quote within 24 hours.

Our Solar Panel Bird Proofing Solutions

Customised Guard Netting Installation

Our expert team provides a thorough inspection of your solar panel setup, followed by a customised netting solution that fits perfectly around your solar array. Our bird proofing methods prevent birds from accessing the underside of panels without impeding panel efficiency or maintenance access

Quality Materials for Long-Term Protection

We use high-grade, UV-stabilised netting designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and solar exposure, ensuring your bird proofing solution is both effective and long-lasting.

Be Proactive. Use Bernies!

Our Comprehensive Bird Control Process for Solar Panels

At Bernie’s Pest Control, we employ a meticulous, step-by-step approach to ensure your solar panels are protected against bird-related damages efficiently and effectively. Here’s an overview of our bird control process tailored for solar panel guard netting:


Initial Assessment & Consultation

  • Site Inspection: Our experts conduct a detailed inspection of your solar panel installation, assessing the extent of bird activity and identifying potential entry points and nesting sites.
  • Consultation: We discuss our findings with you, highlighting areas of concern and explaining the potential impact on your solar panel efficiency and integrity.


Customised Solution Design

  • Planning: Based on the inspection, we design a customised bird control solution that aligns with the specific layout and needs of your solar panel system.
  • Material Selection: We choose high-quality, UV-stabilised netting materials that are durable, weather-resistant, and safe for both birds and the solar panels.


Professional Installation

  • Safe & Secure Install: Our trained technicians install the bird guard netting around your solar panels, ensuring it fits snugly without affecting the functionality or maintenance access of your solar array.
  • Non-Intrusive Methods: We use techniques that do not damage your solar panels or the roof, maintaining the warranty and integrity of your solar installation.


Post-Installation Support

  • Quality Check and Adjustments: After installation, we conduct a thorough quality assurance check to ensure the netting is secure and effective at deterring birds.
  • Maintenance Tips: We provide you with advice on how to maintain the netting and your solar panels to ensure long-term protection and efficiency.
  • Follow-Up Services: Bernie’s Pest Control offers follow-up inspections and services to adjust or repair the netting as needed, ensuring your solar panels remain protected against bird-related issues.

The Product We Use!

Solarguard Pro by VEXO!

The number 1 choice for solar panel protection in 200 mm (H) x 30 M (L) size. Trusted by Bernies, Solarguard Pro protects the roof, solar panels, and electrical wiring from potential damage inflicted by birds and other pests. Maintains an effective physical barrier around your solar panels to keep birds from nesting underneath. All this while being barely visible from ground level. The Solarguard Pro kit contains mesh made from premium grade stainless steel, coated across the full width in thick protective PVC coating. It is UV resistant and secured with proprietary designed, UV stabilised nylon fasteners. Installed correctly, this solar panel solution securely safeguards the panels without damage to the panels or the roof. Solarguard Pro is effective against birds such as:


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